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Plainfield Saints Youth Football and Cheer

Plainfield Saints Youth Football

Registration for the 2021 Season will open April 2021

Plainfield Saints Youth Football program provides players an opportunity to participate in an organized, supervised, safety-orientated and educational athletic program. We go beyond just teaching the fundamentals of the game, but also believe it is equally important to teach them the importance that scholastics has in the sport and in their everyday lives. 

We typically begin practice August 1 and have 3 full weeks prior to the school year starting.  
We currently practice at the Plainfield Central High School, and occasionally we will practice at Aux Sable Middle School. Practice times and field locations will be sent out by coaches.

Football will practice every week day (M-F) for 3 weeks from 6:00pm-8:00pm (depending on the High School schedule).  The first week of practice is an important week, as football players must have 10 hours of conditioning and fundamentals practice before then can practice full contact.

Once school starts, our practices drop to 3 times per week.  
Dates will vary based on each team. All information will be given at the parent meeting. 

Our game schedule is typically 8 games, one each weekend beginning the last weekend of August.
We will typically have 4 home games and 4 away games. 
The away games can be anywhere in our Chicagoland Pop Warner conference and we won’t know that schedule until just before games begin (this is due to teams finalizing after our certification day).
Our home games have been played at Plainfield High School on their state of the art Turf field. 
Games can be scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays.
All home games will be on Sundays. 

On game day, usually the youngest team plays first, and oldest last with some exceptions with scheduling.  Away weekends, our teams may go in different directions, but we strive for our teams to travel together, we are at the mercy of pop warner and other teams on away games.

Registration and Equipment 

Instructional Levels - $375.00 (includes $150 fundraising fee)
Competitive Levels - $450.00 (includes $150 fundraising fee)

The Registration Fee Covers
1-Raffle Tickets (fundraising fee) 2- Insurance 3- Field Rental 4-Helmet (seasonal rental)
5- Shoulder Pads (seasonal rental)  6- Two(2) pairs of socks- Game Socks and Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

7- Jerseys *
*Instructional teams (Tiny Mite and Mitey Mite) will receive one (1) jersey.  

*Competitive Teams (Jr Pee Wee Level and up) will receive two (2) jerseys.  
All Rental Equipment is to be returned at the end of the season. All jerseys and socks are yours to keep!

Parents are responsible for providing: chin strap, mouth guard, practice jersey, practice pants, football cleats, football girdle

The Mandatory Fundraiser Fee
of $150 per athlete is for our Annual Plainfield Saints Homecoming Raffle fundraiser. Each athlete will receive 15 raffle tickets to be sold at $10 per ticket. Tickets will be issued once registration is paid in full. When you sell the tickets the money goes back to you. The drawing for the winners will be held during our homecoming game. All tickets will need to be turned in at least one week before the homecoming game in order to be placed in the drawing. 

*We will offer financial assistance in the form of payment plan only this year. All registration fees must be paid in full in order for athletes to begin practice. 

Registration Questions and Concerns: 
 [email protected]

Instructional Levels

Tiny-Mite Tackle Football
(Ages 5-7, Max Weight 80 lbs.)

Tiny-Mite football is a fun, instructional level of teaching basic principles of football with an emphasis on teamwork, blocking, and tackling while having a lot of FUN! The Tiny-Mite season starts in early August and is over at the end of October. There play 8 games during the season and there are no playoffs.

Mitey-Mite Tackle Football
(Ages 7-9, Max Weight 105 lbs.)

Mitey-Mite football is an instructional level of teaching basic principles of football with an emphasis on teamwork, fundamentals, and preparing the child for the competitive level of play. The Mitey-Mite season starts the first week of August and ends the first part of November. Mitey-Mite teams will play an 8-game season, with a post-season invitational.

Competitive Levels

Division 2 (Ages 10-14)
Our Competitive levels are broken up into two divisions: Division 2 and Division 3. Within Division 2, there are four levels of play to provide the most competitive and safest place for your child to play. Division 2 is our top competitive level of play. Same as the instructional level, your child will learn the basic fundamentals and principles of football, along with our core values of teamwork and sportsmanship. The Division 2 season starts the first week of August and could go through the first part of December (Pop Warner National Championships as seen on ESPN are held the first part of December at Walt Disney World in Florida. This is for teams that win the Conference and Regional Championship). Division 2 teams are put together by the coaching staff during the first two weeks of practice. Coaches are Pop Warner and USA Football Certified.

Division 3 (Ages 8-14)
Our Division 3 level of play is also broken up into four levels of play to provide the most competitive and safest place for your child to play. Division 3 is still a competitive level of play, but does not have national playoffs (Conference and Regional Playoffs still exist). At the Division 3 level your child will once again learn the basic fundamentals and principles of football along with our core values of teamwork and sportsmanship. The Division 3 teams will spend a lot of time in these areas. The Division 3 season starts the first week of August and could end Thanksgiving weekend (the Mid-America Regional Championship for teams that win their conference).

Ages and Weights for Tackle Football Programs

Age/Weight DivisionAge(s)Certification WeightEnd of Season Weight
TINY-MITE5-6-735-80 lbs.89 lbs.
MITEY-MITE7-8-945-105 lbs.114 lbs.
60-120 lbs.
60-100 lbs.
129 lbs.
109 lbs.
75-135 lbs.
75-115 lbs.
144 lbs.
124 lbs.
90-160 lbs.
90-140 lbs.
169 lbs.
149 lbs.
105-185 lbs.
105-165 lbs.
194 lbs.
174 lbs.
UNLIMITED11-12-13-14105 lbs. minimum

In Season weekly weight 1 lb. Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 (Max. of 4 lbs.), additional 1 lb. at Super Bowl.

*The asterisked provisions in each division allow the so-called "older but lighter" player to also qualify. The last year of eligibility falls under more stringent weight restrictions, per above.

A child's age on July 31 is his/her age for the season. 

Plainfield Saints Youth Association

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